The Look and Sound of TV

I’m on the set of Trigger Time filming the upcoming season on the AR-15/M4 carbine. It’ll be some packed knowledge I’m sharing in my 5 min segments, so keep an eye out. Sometime in the next few days I’ll film my 100th TV episode. I started out with Tactical Arms, then did Tactical Impact, a few spots on odd shows on Discovery and Military Channels and one tounge-in-cheek zombie thing on History.

Here’s some maybe interesting notes on TV stuff

- a 30 min show has roughly 22 min of footage and 8 min or so or commercials, intros, credits, etc. Typically it takes between 30 min and 1 hour to get 1 min of footage that is worthy. Double that for 1 hour shows.

I shoot live in front of the camera. I always show misses. There is never any trick angles or bullshit going on when I shoot. I’ve made an effort to keep that going on everything I’ve ever done on screen. It’s a source of pride for me.

It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s bright and it’s long, sometimes very long work, and unless you’re on a major network show or film set there’s not a lot of wasted time or attitude from anyone.

I have fun doing these shows. I would give a months salary to have the blooper real from when Larry and I did TA and TI…..I mean there was some seriously funny moments.

You can learn a lot by watching yourself do stuff and say stuff. This has helped me perfect (IMHO) how I teach my classes and keep the flow going with no wasted time.

Not everyone can do it. It’s not what you think when that big ass camera or cameras is pointed at you and EVERYONE is depending, waiting, and expecting you to deliver and perform. For most shows that are outdoors lighting is critical. So the more you mess up the more time the sun moves the more time they have to change lenses, etc. I’ve seen more than a couple guys who couldn’t do it. I’m by no means anything special, but I’m able to pull it off just by knowing a little bit of the material fairly well.

On the last season of Trigger Time when I did the concealed carry pieces, I did them all in one take with no editing. Same for the carbine segments we just completed.

Yes, I know that I forget things or in my case recently just simply run out of time to cover it all. Most of the time if it’s a good take, I’ll take the inevitable bad comments that are coming from the internet critiques rather than try and do a retake that could be way worse.

For all those that’ve watched me over the years, I sincerely appreciate it. This will most likely be my last go unless I get something from the big time shows or Hollywood studios like a consulting gig or such. I’ve pretty much done what I wanted on the small screen, and besides……..I look and sound a little funny 😜