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Everyman Carbine Project (Part 4- Mounting the optic)

It is possible to flat mount an EOTech without a riser and still use it. I always prefer a .300 riser to put irons in the bottom third, and a quick release lever but it is another expense that alot of people can’t do. Also, the term “co-witness” is very misused when dealing with this;

Co-witness - to align a red dot sight with already zeroed iron sights for the purpose of speeding up the zeroing procedure of the red dot sight. This is accomplished by looking through the iron sights as if taking a shot and having a partner adjust the elevation and windage knobs on the red dot sight until the red dot is sitting on top of the front sight post when looking through the rear iron sight aperature at the front iron sight. The iron sights and the red dot sight are not used together, this would make the red dot sight not perform as intended.

If you don’t have a riser and flat mount as I have in this picture, you should zero and shoot the optic looking above the irons. You’ll co-witness as described above but fine tune the zero looking over the irons to get the full speed and accuracy benefit of an RDS.

And locktite (blue) the screw….I know what the manual says, but trust me.

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